The New Voyages of the Nautilus Volume One

Michael D. Winkle

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Being the Adventures of Miss Gladys Partington Aboard the Submersible Ship Nautilus

And of the Mystery of Her Commander, Captain Nemo

In the Year of Our Lord 1870

From Hell's Heart

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Although quite adventurous for a woman of the 1870s, Gladys Partington did not expect her Pacific voyage to be THIS busy: First a typhoon sinks her ship and leaves her and her two nephews struggling to stay afloat. Then none other than Captain Nemo of the Nautilus appears to rescue them. Plucked also from the sea is an American named Ishmael, who has something to do with a monstrous sperm whale that hurls itself against the submarine.

Then hallucinations fill the ship: a boy rattling a tambourine, a coffin with heathen symbols scrimshawed into the lid, and a bellowing voice that cries for the blood of "Moby Dick." Or are they hallucinations? Can a rational woman of the Nineteenth Century believe in ghosts?

In these confined spaces Captain Nemo slowly reveals his past to Gladys. Among other secrets, he speaks of a mysterious Conclave, a shadow society wielding weapons as incredible in their own way as Nemo's ship and even now hunting them down. A busy voyage indeed, and we haven't even mentioned Dagon, Lord of the Great Abyss.

Somehow, amid turmoil, treachery, and battle, Nemo reveals his heart as well, and Gladys finds herself attracted to the enigmatic Man of the Seas. Gladys Partington, what have you gotten yourself into?

FROM HELL'S HEART is the first book in "The New Voyages of the Nautilus," a series featuring Gladys, Captain Nemo, and various folk real and literary of the Victorian era. Inspired by Verne, Wells, Melville, Lovecraft, and that amazing Scottish traveler Isabella Bird, the series takes our heroine to a fantastic floating island, an underground realm of dinosaurs, and a distant future out of H. G. Wells. Readers familiar with "Infernal Devices" by K. W. Jeter, Mark Hodder's "Burton and Swinburne Adventures," and Shelley Adina's "Magnificent Devices" series, will find much to enjoy in "The New Voyages of the Nautilus." First, however, comes a tale of fear and hate, love and redemption, that rises to the Empyrean heights from Hell's Heart.

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New for our readers! The deleted Introduction to From Hell's Heart, by one Ishmael!

I admit it, From Hell's Heart was greatly influenced by the real-life adventuress Isabella Bird. Check out her travel narratives: Isabella L. Bird

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