The Amelia Earhart Chronicles Volume One

Michael D. Winkle

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Amelia Earhart

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1937: One of the twentieth century's great adventures ends tragically when pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart disappears during the last leg of her round-the-world flight.

The Malaysians believe that a sky-high tree, called Pausengi, grows in the Pacific Ocean beyond Java, and that the legendary half-lion, half-eagle gryphon dwells among its branches.

Years before the terms "flying saucer" and "UFO" are coined, people report mysterious "Airships" in the virgin skies.

Myth, magic, history, and science collide in Michael D. Winkle's new fantasy novel Dragonfly Woman. In the parallel world of Aanuu, the gryphons of the mountain-sized Pausengi Tree repel the attacks of the mysterious "Sky-Men" and their Zeppelin-like Airships. Unable to comprehend the Sky-Men's technology, the gryphons are losing badly. One day, however, a "metal dragonfly" appears out of a violent storm. It is no insect but a Lockheed Electra, and from it emerges a visitor from Earth, a woman who stands between land and sky, technology and magic, the known and the unknown. She is christened Dragonfly Woman, and in the war between mythical beasts and Buck-Rogers-like spacemen she may just even the odds.

Dragonfly Woman is a pulp magazine adventure that combines Indiana-Jones-style action with the off-beat science fiction of Howard Waldrop and Philip Jose Farmer.

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